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1. An alteration; substitution of one thing for another. This word does not connote either improvement or deterioration as a result. In this respect it differs from amendment, which, in law, always imports a change for the better. 2. Exchange of money against money of a different denomination. Also small coin. Also an abbreviation of exchange. Change of venue. Properly speaking, the removal of a suit begun in one county or district to another county or district for trial, though the term is also sometimes applied to the removal of a suit from one court to another court of the same county or district. Dudley v. Power Co., 139 Ala. 453, 36 South. 700; Felts v. Railroad Co., 195 Pa. 21, 45 Atl. 493; State v. Wofford, 119 Mo. 375, 24 S. W. 764.

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